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If you all are looking for an American dream story of a small business developed by family and friends called family, continue reading.


Bogeys and Stogies was purchased in 2021 by 2 couples to be part of the small business community of our chosen town, Granbury Tx. Many of you may know, the company supplied cigars to golf courses, liquor stores, bars, and wineries.


As we continued to grow the client base we provided cigars too, we had other ideas brewing. A space came available in Acton, Tx for us to build a brick and mortar that you all had asked for at every event we participated in. We built a walk-in humidor and smoking lounge to be enjoyed by cigar enthusiasts and newbies alike. We had many types of people sit and enjoy the lounge, having great conversation, sipping their favorite beverage, watching their favorite team, and at times playing board games with kids of one of the owners on a Saturday. We appreciate each of our customers that trusted us to provide your favorite smoke.


The Granbury events, Historic Square and the people of Granbury are the reason we all moved to Granbury. Ironically, our current chapter allows us to move to be a part of the Historic Square! We will open the retail and Humidor officially on 6/1/2024, just three and a half years since we purchased the business. Come see us this Saturday as we embark on our continued journey to be a valued part of the Granbury community. We will be excited to sit, have a cigar, and a great conversation in our new location!

Here's to making memories! Stay Tuned for our Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting!

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