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Never Sold in Texas until now!!

Córdoba & Morales Cigars

Our storied past, over a century in the making. It all began in a sandy field in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba. Our family's tradition of nurturing a cigar from seed to ash is deeply rooted in secrets passed down from generation to generation. Nothing is overlooked, from selecting seed to curing and aging the perfect tobacco for each and every blend.

The inception of Córdoba & Morales is marked by the 1906 birth of Celestina Córdoba y Morales in the Vuelta Abajo region of Pinar del Rio, Cuba.

Celestina grew up in the tobacco fields, learning traditions from her ancestors she would eventually pass along to our Co-Founder Azarias "Z" Mustafa. As Z's grandma, childhood best friend, and mentor she taught him everything she knew about tobacco - from caring for the plants to rolling a supreme cigar. Celestina passed away at the young age of 83 in 1989, but she didn't leave us. Z, along with his longtime friend and business partner, Emille Andino created Córdoba & Morales to honor Celestina and ensure the family legacy for years to come. What started as a small project for Z to have private label cigars to smoke on the golf course has grown into one of the most celebrated boutique brands in modern cigars.

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