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Deadwood Headquarters

Updated: Jun 9, 2021


We had an amazing trip to the historic town of Deadwood, SD. The trip took us 3 days on motorcycles to arrive in South Dakota. We went through a lot of country, some beautiful and some very boring flat farmland.

We were at the Deadwood Tobacco Company (D.T.C.) @ 10 am when they opened. You will see several boxes on the floor. D.T.C. like Bogeys and Stogies have to unpack those large orders of cigars and stock them in the humidor. Of course D.T.C. places much larger orders than us currently. They had 4 guys open the place and 3 worked from open to close, stocking the humidor, preparing online orders for shipment, and taking care of customers as we entered the cigar lounge.

We enjoyed getting to talk to some of the employees about having a great job, where it's encouraged to have a drink (usually a beer) and smoke a great stick while you are working!!

We had the pleasure of watching an old west gun show where the guns shot oats, which made them cereal killers...haha, that was one of the lines of the main character or the show.

A fact we learned during the above gun show was that a man in history was shot in the head when Deadwood, SD was a wild west town. This man wandered around the town for 67 days with a gunshot wound to his head. He never went to see a doctor. On the 67th day he went to sleep and never awakened. The town physician did an autopsy on him to discover that his cause of death was that a piece of the bone hit by the bullet had become infected and spread through his brain, ultimately killing him.

We of course purchased some new cigars that we had not heard of or had not purchased yet. We tried cigars by Crux, Asylum, Acid(different than what we stock), and many others we brought home to try. You may see some of the newly smoked cigars in a local humidor near you!!

Overall the trip was a success and a good time to relax and enjoy the experience of Deadwood and Sturgis, SD. We did some great riding down Iron Horse Road, Needles with over 300 curves and one car tunnels. What made these already challenging rides harder is that we did them all in the Rain and I mean pouring down rain that felt like needles piercing the skin. However, after that stormy day, we had sunshine and blue sky!!

Enjoy the pictures below and as always keep making memories!!!

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