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Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Granbury Wine Walk is an exciting event that is expanding to 3 days in 2021. There will be 22 wineries ready to serve you and your friends some great-tasting wine. As you move through searching for that new favorite wine, be sure to take a stroll to visit with the local vendors there to serve you.

Stop by Bogeys and Stogies for your favorite smoke to pair with your new favorite wine as you listen to some live music and enjoy the relaxing environment. Slow your mind as you take in the culture of our small historic town where we show respect and pride for our great state of Texas and country.

At Bogeys and Stogies, we want to honor our troops that sacrifice every day to provide the freedoms we enjoy!! Please take a toy soldier from our table if you're willing to pray for our troops. To help you remember to pray, place the soldier in a location in your home that you will see often. Each time you see the soldier, take a moment to pray for our troops!

A Big thank you all for making the Granbury Wine Walk a memorable weekend for us!! We will keep you posted when we schedule the next event!

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